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What kinds of games can you play on VirZOOM? Quite a lot, actually! Check back here regularly for updates on games that work great with the VirZOOM exercise bike controller. 

VirZOOM Arcade

VirZOOM Arcade is our own collection of free exercise games designed specifically with the VZ Bike Controller in mind, with additional compatibility for Xbox and PlayStation controllers. We regularly add new features, avatars, and games to VirZOOM Arcade – all for free. To download VirZOOM Arcade, follow our Setup guide. Features include:

  • Arcade-style fitness games based on different avatars
  • Four different workout modes: Quickplay, Custom Workout, Friend Challenges, and Hotseat
  • Drop-in/drop-out and head-to-head network play
  • Weekly leaderboards and fitness stat tracking
  • New games and features patched in regularly for free
  • Fitbit and Strava integration to set personal goals and track your distance, heart rate, power usage, and average speed

Current games in VirZOOM Arcade include:

Cowboy: Jailbreak! Lasso bandits off horses and throw dust devils.

Kayak: Lotus Pond. Find ducks for grandmas to feed during the day, and at night lead fish to underwater gems.

Cycle: Le Tour. Ride a bicycle through the countryside, drafting behind other cyclists to conserve energy and meeting a new goal every kilometer.

Racecar: Curvy Race, Oval Race. Race AI, live players online, and the ghosts of your own best laps on different tracks.

Tank: Winterstan. Battle against tanks and mechs controlled by AI and up to eight live players online at a time.

Tank: Thunder Bowl. A head-to-head multiplayer tank battle 

Pegasus: Keep Flying, Gate Race, and Gem Hunt. Search for gems, skim treetops for apples, and race through canyon gates, alone or with live players online.

Chopper: River Run. Shoot turrets, dodge missiles, and keep fueled up as long as you can stay in the air.

Games Using the VirZOOM SDK

We offer a free Unity SDK and Unreal Engine 4 plugin for developers interested in providing VirZOOM support for their games. While practically any game can be set up to work with the VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator, using the SDK's special motion controls provides the best experience VirZOOM can offer. You can read more in our SDK documentation.

A number of hobbyists and game jams have tinkered with VirZOOM, but we'll update this list as developers officially announce VirZOOM support for publicly released games. For now, check out the first third-party game to announce VirZOOM support on Steam, Special DeliveryMeerkat Games' VR take on the newspaper delivery route classic. 

Games Playable on the VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator

The VirZOOM Gamepad Emulator allows you to configure your VirZOOM bike to act as a universal controller for practically any PC game, including VR games and 2D games alike. Players on Steam are welcome to submit their own configurations, and we also offer a few suggested configurations on Steam for games we think work particularly well with VirZOOM. (You'll need to be signed into Steam in your web browser for that link to show up correctly.) You can read more in our Gamepad Emulator documentation. We also offer Audio Mute for the Gamepad Emulator – not a game, but a special configuration for those who just need a little extra motivation to keep pedaling while watching TV or listening to music. Stop pedaling, and your computer's sound shuts off!