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This page will walk you through the process of setting up your VirZOOM bike to play VirZOOM Arcade games. Let's get started!

1. Unpacking & Assembly

Remove your VirZOOM controller from its box and follow the instructions in the printed manual that came with your bike. VirZOOM requires 2 AA batteries.

Assembly Tip!

The left pedal must be screwed on counterclockwiseAttempting to screw it in clockwise can damage it.

2. Plug in the Bike Dongle

The VirZOOM bike communicates with a PC or PlayStation 4 console wirelessly using a Bluetooth. The battery compartment has extra space to store a USB dongle that must be plugged into the PC/PS4 to use the bike. Plug it in, and make sure the bike is switched on.

The next steps you take will differ depending on whether you're on a PC or a PlayStation 4.

3a. On a PC? Download from Steam

If you use an HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, VirZOOM games can be downloaded as a collection called VirZOOM Arcade from Steam, an online game service. If you don't already have Steam set up, be sure to do the following:

  1. Go to the Steam website and click the green Install button in the upper right
  2. Launch the Steam application you just installed and create a Steam account on Steam (note this is not your VirZOOM account)

  3. If you use an HTC Vive, you also need to install SteamVR:
    1. In Steam, click the Tools menu
    2. Scroll down to "SteamVR" in the list
    3. Right-click on SteamVR and choose Install
  4. If you have an Oculus Rift, you also need to install Oculus Home and run it before you launch VirZOOM Arcade – see Oculus Setup for details
  5. Finally, install VirZOOM Arcade

3b. On a PS4? Download from the PlayStation Store

You can download VirZOOM Arcade for free from the PlayStation Store on the web or on your PS4 console.

4. Run VirZOOM Arcade to Get Your Code

Before you can play VirZOOM games, you need to create a VirZOOM account. You may have already read in the manual that you need a code for this. To get that code, launch VirZOOM Arcade. The code will appear on the bottom of your screen. Make a note of your code somewhere, but don't quit VirZOOM Arcade just yet.

Oculus Reminder

If you use an Oculus Rift, don't forget to launch Oculus Home before you launch VirZOOM Arcade.

5. Create your account at

Got that registration code handy? You'll need to open a web browser on a PC or mobile device and use that code to register a new VirZOOM user account. 

Entering the code on PC

If you're running VirZOOM Arcade on a PC, don't quit VirZOOM Arcade to enter your code! Instead, on your keyboard, hold the Windows button and press the D key. This will reveal your Windows desktop, and you can bring up a web browser (like Google Chrome or Internet Explorer) safely.

To create your account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to and click on "click here to create a new account" (or just go straight to
  2. Choose a username to appear on My VirZOOM leaderboards (and over your avatar in-game on PC; your PlayStation name is shown with your avatar on PS4)
  3. Choose and confirm a password
  4. Enter the registration code you got before (and remember that if you quit My VirZOOM in the meantime, you need to relaunch it to get a new one)

6. Start pedaling!

Once you've created your VirZOOM account, you should be able to play. Get on your VirZOOM bike while wearing your headset, and press the left and right triggers on the handlebars to calibrate your position.

Note that when you first start, you only have access to one game at a time. This is on purpose: Moving around in VR can be disorienting without proper training first, so complete these tutorials to unlock more games!

Next: Calibrate Resistance!

There are plenty of other things you can configure and adjust further in VirZOOM Arcade and on, but an optional step we recommend you do next is to calibrate your pedaling resistance. After you launch VirZOOM Arcade, select your account, choose "Options," find "Calibrate Resistance," and follow the instructions on screen. This needs to be done in order to get any achievements or trophies for biking at "max resistance"!