Calibrate Resistance

You can use the Tension Control knob under your handlebars on your VirZOOM bike to adjust how difficult it is to pedal – what we call resistance. For most VirZOOM games, this is an optional setting that allows you to customize how challenging a workout you want. Some games, however, actually detect your resistance and use this information for scoring or speed bonuses, and some PSN trophies/Steam achievements are dependent on your resistance setting as well. Accessing these features requires an additional step to make sure VirZOOM Arcade accurately detects how your pedaling resistance is set: You must calibrate pedaling resistance in the Options menu.

To calibrate your resistance, follow these steps:

  1. Launch VirZOOM Arcade and select your account
  2. Lean to rotate the menu until you see "Options," and then hit the right trigger
  3. Lean to rotate the menu until you see "Calibrate Resistance," and then hit the right trigger
  4. Pedal your bike while turning the resistance dial all the way between 1 and 8 a few times
  5. Follow instructions on-screen to exit when done

After doing this, games should accurately detect your resistance setting and confer bonuses or trophies/achievements appropriately.